About Me



"I love music..."
It is a great way to release my creativity and passion for the sounds, lyrics and rhythm of a multitude of songs. I've been learning for years and have been performing for just as long, whether it's a private event, open mic or a music gig. I play all styles of music, although I prefer the alternative indie genre - which may include many lesser known (but utterly amazing) artists!
I've been singing for as long as I can remember and it's remained my core interest over these years, but I decided to take my passion another step forward by learning to play the Ukulele. I think the sound of a ukulele is simple and pure, yet warm and happy. I am also looking forward to introducing keyboard and guitar to my performances as I aim to become a more skilled musician.
I have written some of my own songs and hope to make some albums either on my own or in collaboration with another artist or studio!
So, if you're looking for a hard working musician for a gig, or want to collaborate - i'd love to hear from you.
For now, here's one of my first performances - my rendition of Lenka's "The Show". I hope you enjoy it.